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Trustable, knowledgeable & experienced in heavy hauling.

We Pilot Oversized Loads throughout Alberta and Western Canada

Wildcat Pilot Car Services 2010 Ltd helps reduce the stress involved in transporting your oversized loads throughout Alberta and the western provinces and territories. A pilot car’s duty is to help coordinate your heavy loads in accordance with provincial law and permitted routes. We facilitate easier transport by redirecting traffic to ensure your travels remain trouble-free.

We have the authority and experience to legally direct traffic on your behalf when deemed necessary to prevent unwanted stoppages. Having to stop every 5 minutes isn’t beneficial to anyone. We also conduct comprehensive route studies prior to any move. Our research involves a variety of equipment, extensive note taking, and plenty of photographic documentation. And we keep you notified of our findings throughout the process. Not only do we heighten your awareness of the potential obstacles, but we also provide solutions to maximize your on-road safety and efficiency.

Hot Shot Service

Do you need an item moved ASAP! Wildcat Pilot Car Services 2010 also provides hot shot service for added convenience. Sometimes you just have to rush that oversized delivery. We’re here to ensure that everything is handled in the proper way.

Our fleet is comprised of well maintained, late-model trucks that are fully equipped with a CB, 2VHF, GPS and fleet tracking equipment. We have all the right certifications to assist with your next haul. There is no limit to the type of load we can escort. Get in touch with our team today!

Stop Worrying

Let us map out the best plan for your next oversized haul